ADA Signs

ADA Signs available starting in 2015


ADA Braille Number Sign

ADA Braille Number Sign

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires new construction of public accessible facilities to comply with the new laws by March 12,2012. As an example, resorts, hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues and college campuses to name a few, are required to comply with the ADA laws.
Elite Engraving is pleased to offer ADA signs with tactile text and grade 2 braille that comply with the laws and are designed to complement your design and decor. We’ll guide you through the design and creation of  ADA signs which comply with the new laws.

Braille Close-up

Braille Close-up

A wide range of options are available from the choice of your colors and design considerations. Hanging options include simple double sided tape to frames in a range of materials and finishes.

  Architects, building owners,

fabricators and facility managers. We would like the opportunity to talk with you about your projects and requirements. Our engraving shop works closely with our customers to insure a quality product that meets your needs and expectations.

Below we highlight some of the ADA Sign requirements,

but not to worry, we’ll take care of the technical details for you!

The new ADA sign specifications require the Braille to be dome shaped and raised above the surface .025 to .037″. The new tactile text specifications call for beveled edges and that the text also be raised above the surface. as can be seen in the image on the right above. Text size is dictated by the size of the sign. The background and text must  contrast, the colors can’t be similar and the sign must be non glossy.

The law also specifies the placement and height for ADA signs for various uses and  locations, which is too involved to get in to here.

Not all signs need to be ADA compliant, temporary signs, building addresses, directories and parking signs are exempt to name a few.

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