Preparing Other Custom Orders

We can Laser Engrave your text, graphics, artwork, clip art, computer files and photographs. Almost any file or printed piece that will fit in a standard flat bed scanner can be laser engraved.

We have an engraving area of 12″ X 24″. The largest piece we can fit inside our machine is 17″ X 29″, with the 12″ X 24″ area centered on the plaque. The maximum height that will fit under our laser head is 8″ thick.

We can not engrave or cut any type of metal or composite material containing metal. Leaded glass is an example of a material that contains a metal that would prevent our laser from engraving. We can laser engrave through coatings on metals or laser engrave anodized aluminum.

Some of the materials we can engrave and cut are:

  • coated metals (engrave only),
  • composite materials (laminates, fiberboard and plywood as an example),
  • fiber glass,
  • glass (engrave only),
  • leather, marble (engrave only),
  • mat board,
  • melamine,
  • nylon,
  • plastics (excluding PVC plastics),
  • stone (engrave only),
  • veneer,
  • vinyl,
  • wood and more.

Please contact us for information on materials not listed here.