Handy Laser Pointer, Jump Drive & Pen

Pen with Laser Pointer and 4GB USB Jump DriveHandy Pointer, Jump Drive & Pen all-in-one

The Laser Pointer is daylight bright, nice for pointing out an area or to something hard to zoom in on, just point the laser and problem solved, time saved. The 4 GB USB Drive is so handy for capturing data and having it handy whenever you have your Laser Pointer, and oh ya, it has a Ball Point pen right there when you need to jot a quick note or thought down, real handy.

The Laser Pointer turns on with a simple push on switch in the pen barrel, let go and the laser turns off, very safe. The USB Jump Drive is protected with-in the body of the pen, the pen unscrews to access the USB connector, very simple, protective and handy.

Our new Laser Pointer includes a 4 GB Jump Drive and Ballpoint Pen all in one package. We’ll include 1 free line of engraved text with your purchase.

These pens are available in a choice of Silver, Red, Blue and Black


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Your Stylus Includes One free line of engraved text

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