Laser Engraving Glass

Laser Engraved Glass Gifts

Laser Engraved Glass Gifts

We” engrave a single piece to short production runs. Have a glass gift item you would like personalized with text or perhaps a graphic or logo? laser engraving should be your first choice. Why? It’s affordable and can be very detailed, much more than sand blasting or rotary engraving can achieve. That said, nearly any file on your computer or hard copy that will fit in a standard scanner can be used for engraving.

There are a few limitations though. The engraving is low contrast, the glass turns white where the laser engraves, there is no real shading so continuous tone images, like a photograph, don’t work well. But a logo, text, clip art and many graphics work great.

When it comes to laser engraving glass, cheaper glass is better. Laser engraving doesn’t really engrave the glass. What’s happening is the laser is effecting the imperfections (air bubbles, moisture, etc.), and so cheaper glass engraved better that expensive glass.

Glass containing medals like leaded glass can not be laser engraved because our laser does not engrave medals.

The thinner the glass the greater the chance the glass may crack or shatter. It is better to include a couple extra pieces,just in case.

We can engrave flat glass up to 17×29 inches with an engraving area of 12×24 inches centered in the peice. We can do cylindrical glass ( glasses, mugs, vases) from 2 inches to 7 inches in diameter and to about 16 inches in length.

Touch of Wood will be happy to help you with your project whether it’s a single piece or a short production run. We will be happy to answer your questions or give you a quote