About Us

About Us

Ann and Peter, owners of Touch of Wood Laser Engraving and Elite Engraving and Awards

Ann and Peter

Husband and wife, Peter and Ann registered Touch Of Wood  in the year 2000. Originally the company produced custom writing and desk instruments using wood and other exotic materials. When Touch Of Wood stopped manufacturing custom writing instruments in 2002, we closed our wood shop. We acquired laser engraving equipment and began offering laser engraving services.

We purchased   Elite Engraving & Awards from retiring original founder Barry Stearns. With the merging of the two companies we are now able to offer a full range of engraving services and a wider range of products with the same quality and service both companies are known for.

Our products from Touch of Wood include laser engraved photographs, custom wood jewelry and ornaments, glass jars, cut glass ornaments and wood tokens (including our popular “A Round TUIT”). Many of the products we offer were designed and created by Ann.

Elite Engraving and Awards offers engraved Trophies, Plaques and Awards and offers engraving of metals, glass and plastics in many styles and finishes. Gift items including clocks, gavels, desk name plates, name badges, signs and… well… contact us, lets see what we can do for you!

We offer high quality traditional forms of modern engraving, including; rotary engraving, diamond drag and hand pantograph engraving offering quality and personal service…. We are  your one stop shop for engraving!

We are expanding our website to include products from Elite Engraving and Awards.  Read our Blog Post here.

We accept jobs from small single piece orders to small production runs.  Each customer receives the same quality and service, regardless of the size of the job.

We are here because of you, not the other way around! We are here to help you, and as our customer, you deserve every courtesy and consideration for your patronage. Without you, there would be no Touch Of Wood and Elite Engraving!

We like to say; “You are only limited by your own imagination.”

Now, How may we help you?

Ann & Pete