Color Filling

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You can color fill anything that has been laser engraved, photographs, clip art, logos, graphic designs and text. Color filling can be time consuming depending on the detail involved but can greatly enhance your project.

Due to the time involved, Touch of Wood generally does not offer color fill. Most customers find the cost prohibitive and elect to color fill their own projects.

Color filling instructions:

We have been using Cream Stencil Paint, available at Craft Stores or stores selling Stenciling Materials, to color fill wood and other materials.

Always test the paint on the material before color filling your project! The cream stencil paint must be the solvent based, not acrylic based paint. The label will say to use their cleaner or mineral spirits for cleanup.

Use either a stencil brush or an artist’s paint brush than you cut down to provide a stiff working end. The cut down brush would be easier to do fine work with than the larger stenciling brushes that are sold for general stenciling.

On wood items or any porous material we suggest you apply a coat of floor paste wax to the surface you are stenciling. The wax makes it much easier to clean up the excess paint from the surface. Keep the wax out of the engraved area. We suggest you apply a coat of wax to the surface before sending your project for laser engraving. I’ve found the paste wax in hardware and grocery stores. Be sure and buy the clear wax, there are dark tinted paste waxes available also.

Work the cream stencil paint in to the engraved area. Next, wipe away the excess paint from the surface while being careful not to clean out the filled area. We cut paper napkins in to small squares and put a light coat of the floor paste wax on the napkin for cleaning the excess paint from the surface. Materials with open pores, like Oak can be hard to clean up, a good coat of paste wax helps here a lot.

Allow 24 hours for the paint to cure. For multiple colors allow the first color to cure before you do the second color if the two are so close that you can’t do both colors without messing up the first color while applying the second color.

There are other filling agents available, but we have found the cream stencil paints easy to use, durable and available in a wide range of colors.

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