Preparing Small Piece Orders

In order to provide you with the best result, please follow these instructions for your engraving order. Accurate and complete instructions are necessary to us so we may process your order.

Pens, Pencils and Other Similar Desk Accessories

  • Send each turned, polished and finished barrel in a separate zip lock bag with a note indicating the text and font style for that barrel and whether it is the upper or lower barrel.
  • Stick a piece of masking tape to the pen barrel at the location to be engraved. Mark a number on the tape that matches a number on the instructions for that piece and draw an arrow that points from left to right for the proper orientation over the area to be engraved.
  • Please be aware that complex or highly detailed images do not reproduce well when reduced to the size necessary to fit on a pen barrel.

Boxes or assembled pens or pencils

  • Draw a diagram indicating the placement of the engraving. Be as specific as possible to avoid