Supplying the Wood for Laser Engraving

Species Selection

Some species laser engrave more uniformly than other species due to the wood grain pattern. Cherry, maple and red alder all have very uniform harnesses and produce nice laser engraved photographs. Oak and pine have hard and soft areas. The laser goes deeper into the softer grain producing a look that some find objectionable.

Preparation – Seal or Stain Wood Prior to Cutting

If you are supplying the wood, it needs to have the surface sealed prior to laser engraving or cutting to protect against staining which can occur if the surface is not sealed. If you intend to stain the wood, the piece should be stained and your finish applied except for your final coats. Wax, lacquer, stain or paint are all acceptable sealing methods.


You may LIGHTLY sand the surface and then apply your final finish coats which will also seal the engraving once you receive the engraved pieces

Maximum Size

Maximum piece size: 17″ X 29″
Engraving area: 12″ X 24″
Maximum height: 8″