Copyright and Engraving

Often I’m asked “can you put this image or logo on this item for me?” with a link to a web site or an attachment to the E-mail.

If it’s not your own work or image and you are not connected with the other party, you can not use their images without permission. If I’m not sure I will  ask the customer to provide proof they have permission to use an image, logo or artwork.

Images in print, broadcast, or on the web are copyright protected even if it isn’t stated. There are  sites  where you can down load  images for personal use only. That means you can not use the image on something you are selling.

As a business owner I can not  use someone else’s Images from print, broadcast, or on the web for you and profit from it. There are severe fines,  penalties and possible  jail time for copyright infringement. That’s just the law; that’s how it is.